Deciding on your appraisers should be given the same weight you use to choose legal, medical and accounting services. A professional personal property appraisal is a legal document, a financial instrument, an asset protection and claims settlement guarantee, a consumer protection exercise;  it can aid in last will and testament clauses, and assists estate planning and charitable gifting.  RPAA approaches this work very seriously.  RPAA enjoys working with clients whose commitment to their project is on the same level as ours. RPAA appraises in all personal property categories, such as:  jewelry, art from all periods, silver, rugs, decorative arts and furnishings, ephemera, pop culture, sports memorabilia, Americana, arms and armor, classic vehicles, petroliana, etc.  (but we do not appraise water going vessels). Like the finest of any product RPAA's appraisal work can be found everywhere in America. Our 50 state practice includes family corporations, affluent collectors, celebrities, commercial concerns and significant charitable donors. RPAA is a major player in the sports memorabilia appraisal arena as well.


Insurance companies retain us to assist in equitable settlement of large and complex personal property claims. We also have a formidable record of defeating doubtful claims submissions and those based on inaccurate appraisals. For insurance, charitable donation and estate tax settlement, RPAA routinely undertakes the large and difficult assignments other appraisal firms won't touch.   

Many of the personal property appraisal standards the insurance industry uses to judge other appraisal firms' work were established by RPAA, via our superior practice and extensive education work with the industry. So it is logical that we are considered "the best in our business". Years of experience "at the top" have created expertise and savvy that other appraisers, whose expanse may end at your city limits, may not have.

The most important attribute an appraisal firm can have is integrity - in the quality of information in their reports and in conduct. RPAA is conflict-of-interest-free. We have no hidden agenda - we do not auction, buy or sell property. Excellence in appraisal practice is our only occupation.

Your appraisal's primary function is protection of your personal property assets, ensuring challenge-free claims settlement, particularly after a catastrophe. Your appraisal will be no better than the integrity of, and insurance industry trust in, the firm that produces it. RPAA has never had an appraisal successfully challenged or defeated in any underwriting or claims procedure.

If your appraisal needs involve tax consequences please contact us by e-mail or phone for a full explanation of RPAA's pertinent qualifications.

Roger Ponn Associated Appraisers, LLC


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