Appraisal Process


The Appraisal Process, Here is how we work ...

On-Site Visit and Inspection

We will thoroughly scrutinize, measure and photograph your items. We will ask for all paperwork related to the items, such as sales receipts, previous appraisals, provenance, repair and restoration reports, etc. If we have questions for you we'll reserve them until examinations are completed. For items you have acquired via Internet in sight-unseen purchases we require purchase information and provenance. RPAA's years of on-site experience have honed our smoothness and non-disruptive efforts. We respect your privacy and assure you that what we see and hear in your home remain confidential.

Research, Valuation and Report Construction Phase

RPAA conducts research in the specific marketplace for each item we are appraising. We usually employ the market data approach. During our research we sometimes verify the identity of some of your items. In some rare instances RPAA will suggest an authentication process be undertaken. Once the market data is assembled we apply the values to your items.

Note: The wide fakery in all categories of personalty, the increasing misrepresentation of collectables at all levels and the proliferation of misinformation found on the Internet have vastly complicated the appraisal process. RPAA will refuse assignments that require unrealistic deadlines, or where unreasonable client-imposed fee restrictions would compromise report integrity.

We Build Your Summary Appraisal Report

Your report will contain a description for each item or, where appropriate, groupings of items. Each item's description is customized, specific to that item. RPAA does NOT use boilerplates, templates or shortcuts to describe your personal property assets. After the descriptions are finished we insert the photographic album, which is also a part of the report.

RPAA Submits a Draft Report for Your Review

You will electronically receive a draft of your Summary Appraisal Report. This is a Draft only and not usable for any purpose but for your review. This review is essential to adjust descriptions, points of purchase, etc. This is your opportunity to add information and ask questions about our conclusions.

You Receive Your Summary Appraisal Report

Your appraisal report is usually delivered as a PDF file. RPAA can provide multiple copies for you. Hard Copy reports are available as well upon request.

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