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RPAA’s capacity is huge. Recent projects include: a project encompassing a wide variety of items in 15 homes, with over 28,000 items appraised, a multimillion dollar jewelry collection with over 300 important pieces, and a sports memorabilia collection with 17,000+ objects for valuation. These are just a few examples of the large scope of work we have the ability and capacity to handle. So, whether you or your clients’ needs are a home filled with artwork, antiques, silver, rugs, jewelry, etc., a small project with personal items that are important to them or a robust and challenging job like the examples above, RPAA will manage the appraisal process professionally, confidentially and smoothly.


For almost 30 years RPAA has been providing America’s affluent with the finest personal property appraisals. RPAA is the longest continually operating nationwide personal property appraisal firm, with clients in 49 states. When personal property appraisal was a “mom and pop” industry, RPAA was the trail blazer. RPAA is the first to create educational programs for insurance industry underwriters and claims personnel and in providing continuing education seminars across the entire country. RPAA also gives “in-house” seminars and lectures for insurance personnel (which are utilized by every major insurance carrier). We also provide an up to date newsletter for the personal property insurance industry. Perhaps most notably, RPAA is the creator of the large scale group practice in personal property appraisal, the spreadsheet appraisal format and much more. With decades of experience using the large-scale group practice approach to appraising for insurance matters, RPAA stands miles above the rest.


Your choice in appraisers is very important. If you think it doesn't matter who does your appraisal wait till you really need them when a claim arises and they are no longer in business. The annual turnover rate in the personal property profession is 30%. The personal property appraisal business is mostly unregulated with no local, state or federal oversight. It is easy come-in and easy-go-out. If you aren't careful you may unwittingly choose appraisers from a transient pool composed of auction house refugees, down-sized or failed retail stores, or some whose motivation is to come back when you're not home. It's easy to make this mistake. Of the 200,000 who practice in this profession, less than 700 are credibly certified! So the 'experts' you choose, based solely on fee considerations, probably have spent only a short time appraising, with their intended stay even shorter - just until something better comes along. Your personal properties are your assets. Your appraisal functions as a financial instrument whose primary goal is to protect them. Please choose carefully. The right choice by you will enable you to be made whole after a personal property catastrophe. Choosing poorly now may have dire consequences.

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